Monday, 31 March 2014



Kissing –
Wishing we could share the same skin,
Releasing pent up emotions.
Stirring into our love potion # 69
all the ingredients to make the experience
Touching gently, knowing that slow strokes stoke the flames
Being driven insane by the searing heat
when bodies meet
and greet each other in overwhelming passion,
Long since discarding polite high fashion
unneeded at the door.
Stripping civility quickly
Each piece of unnecessary shyness dropped
Like so much hot rocks
Baring all our primal urges
Urging each other into heat
We grunt and growl as bodies meet and merge
Electricity surges around us
Raw need
Lust, even
Just get it in
No more time for playing
Our bodies join with the strength of cable ties
As though magnetized
Fused together with the nuclear reaction
Of intense satisfaction
Our coupling breaks all internal inhibitions
Defenses buckling under the battering
Bodies slamming against walls
Profanity laced calls to go harder, faster
Oh sh…….
Explosive expression of extreme emotion
Bodies slick with exertion’s liquid sheen
No muffling of the screams
Ripped from our souls
As we implode from the intensity ….
And as we
Descend from the heights of sensuality
Our connection continues
As we lose each other
In forever’s gaze.

Sunday, 30 March 2014


Wanna smell your arousal
Rising like incense burning
At the altar of Flaming Desire
I inhale the musky odour
Of you…
Pheromones make me rigid
Take me higher
And I lick my lips
Salivating at the meal
I will soon
Partake in….

Wanna taste you…
Lick you slow
Lapping juices
All around
Dripping down chin
After biting into your
Fully ripe
Julie mango.

Wanna hear your voice change tone
Sexier than alto saxophone warming up
Moaning through your scales
So …
So don’t stop…
Oooooh baby – that’s hot….
Responding to my tongue
Sliding down
Deftly invading your slippery cave
Skillfully playing weeping heart
Musical harp
Plucking strings
Strumming out climactic melody –
Music to my ears…

Wanna sense that
Tingling feeling in waiting skin
Anticipating electric sting from
Tender touch
Feather light
Almost too much but
Just right…..
Chemistry between us
Manifesting in goose bumps rising –
Hair standing on end
Almost afraid to bend
While awaiting another pass
Of fingers over flesh
Wanting again to feel the static cling
Of our attraction.

Wanna see eyes roll back
As I slide inside you
Filling you up completely
My key
Rolls tumblers in your lock
Unblocking access to intense pleasure
Immeasurable bliss is ours
You’re adept at your sensual powers
We bump into into each other
Like cars at a fair
I fear that I won’t be able to sustain control
As my own eyes start to roll
And I release

Two becoming one
Body to body
Soul to soul…

Sensual loving.


Eroticism is not jut sexual – it is FULLY engaging the senses.  That means, even fully appreciating a heaping breakfast that is decorated well and smells heavenly, and actually engaging it and appreciating it while eating it is erotic.  So… there we have it. An expanded view on eroticism.  Now. Close your books.  The lesson is over for today.  Please fully engage all your senses and enjoy the following piece of poetry – erotically….

I decided to declare my freedom
And so …
I decided to let my hair grow
I decided that my growing locs
Would symbolize the shattering
Of the box
That had fit my psyche so

I decided to be ME
I decided to take the journey to
Discover new lands
Expand my horizons
See if I could view the
Stars of Orion’s constellation
From my new elevated position

I decided to be free
I decided to emancipate myself from
The hated position of subservient
The oppressed one
The one afraid to fully look up
For fear of being downtrodden

Devour Me

Devour Me
Devour me…
Don’t hold back
I give you my all
My body the
sacrificial lamb
upon the altar
of your intensity…
Your fiery passion
Envelops me
and devours my flesh.
The heat from your
tongue burns a path
from my neck to
the core of me
Hips open automatically
as lips seep seductively
for your lips
To overpower me…
Come, devour me…
Take me forcefully
I resist, wanting you
to fight me – break the
pretense of my rebellion
As we wrestle like lions,
each trying to pin the other down,
let me see if you are worthy
To wear the crown – the one
Who conquered me,
tamed the lioness intimately
and made her heel to your every whim
as your tongue skims
over my sweet entrance.
Your body entrances me;
you put a spell all over me
when we touch, and
I can’t feel my legs.
You have overtaken me
with only one sensation
the penetration of your tongue
Inside of me.
And I melt
around your ministrations.
The penetration of your eager
fingers, then tongue,
Lingers intensely
And I long for your hardened shaft
Inside me
So I whimper softly,
Begging with batting eyelids
and writhing hips
I feel you smile as you slip
Within these walls
And I start to make wild cat calls
As you continue to
Take me, and we
Come, my lover….
Please –

Devour me…

Saturday, 29 March 2014


Here’s another sexy poem for you … I’m living up to my stage name – “PASSION”!  Please enjoy this hot number.  You have been warned from early – last chance before you are aroused beyond all reason … I am not held responsible for what happens after you read this piece, though I would love someone to name any babies born because you read this poem after me … LOL  Enjoy…

Strip You
Wanna strip you –
Shame dropping like
your blouse
slowly peeling off
Boulders of
rolling away
as I stare at your breasts,
inviting me to touch.
Want to lick away
at your shyness,
exposing skin with
every caress.
Rolling nipples till
they stand at attention
Awaiting inspection
Like soldiers on parade.
Kissing away the
mention of you
worrying that
you aren’t good enough,
worthy enough -
You are sexy enough
to make me drool,
stumble over my words …
So I stop talking
and kiss you
heating a path down
from lips to breasts
to belly ring -
Tounging that thing
till you squirm…
That’s my signal
that confirms
You want me
so I stroke the petals
of your flower
inside your panties
feeling your nectar
leaking onto my finger
I slip away your innocence
Dropping pink cloth
Exposing pink folds
Kissing away pink blush
from trembling cheek …
My pink tongue seeks
your heaven
You turn seven shades
of red
As my head moves
above your cleft
No shyness left
Your hands curl in my hair
begging me to stay
right there
I inhale your scent
licking with intent
as your hips move on their own
I feel you moan
as you cum for me
oh baby…
my staff is ready
and very, very slowly
Slip me
into you
We fit – two
make one
And we rock together
Swaying forever
Until we are slapping leather
And the world melts
as our orgasm explodes
and we cum down
Light as a feather
And we are still connected
as we drift into the abyss
of sleep…