Sunday, 20 April 2014

love puddle

Slow smile spreading sexily
eyes lock, staring hungrily
at the object of my desire.
Electric live wires
shock libido into gear
with just one stare…
Want to kiss you
Pull you into my spell
The way you wove
incantations around me,
pressing your body
on mine.
Bodies intertwined
Hearts enshrined
Moving to the time
of our joined hips.
Nice, slow grind
Movements sublime  -
and clothes haven’t
even hit the floor!
Cupping breasts making
breaths catch
Time stop
heart flip flops
as lips join
for the first time.
Eyes close,
not wanting to lose
this moment
sparkling in the cosmos.
Hands curl into hair
Tongues writhe
Mesmerized by passion’s grip -
Reflecting the fire
blazing in your eyes.
Shedding clothes
Parting thighs
Satisfied sighs
as tongue works magic on
glistening pearl
giving it a whirl
Hips rotating in tandem
Breaths shallow panting
Giving way to the wail
when composure fails
and pleasure liquefies.
Found the treasure
buried deep within your cleft
Not left feeling bereft
Sinking shaft deep within your core
Hearing your voice
groaning, “more, more, more…”
Each time louder than before…
Finding the rhythm
Riding him
Giving him all that you have
Squeezing his shaft
We move
Smooth as silk
Milking each other dry
Gushing with our climax
Then kiss
Blushing as we cuddle
into our wet spot
Our love puddle…

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