Monday, 31 March 2014



Kissing –
Wishing we could share the same skin,
Releasing pent up emotions.
Stirring into our love potion # 69
all the ingredients to make the experience
Touching gently, knowing that slow strokes stoke the flames
Being driven insane by the searing heat
when bodies meet
and greet each other in overwhelming passion,
Long since discarding polite high fashion
unneeded at the door.
Stripping civility quickly
Each piece of unnecessary shyness dropped
Like so much hot rocks
Baring all our primal urges
Urging each other into heat
We grunt and growl as bodies meet and merge
Electricity surges around us
Raw need
Lust, even
Just get it in
No more time for playing
Our bodies join with the strength of cable ties
As though magnetized
Fused together with the nuclear reaction
Of intense satisfaction
Our coupling breaks all internal inhibitions
Defenses buckling under the battering
Bodies slamming against walls
Profanity laced calls to go harder, faster
Oh sh…….
Explosive expression of extreme emotion
Bodies slick with exertion’s liquid sheen
No muffling of the screams
Ripped from our souls
As we implode from the intensity ….
And as we
Descend from the heights of sensuality
Our connection continues
As we lose each other
In forever’s gaze.

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