Sunday, 30 March 2014

Devour Me

Devour Me
Devour me…
Don’t hold back
I give you my all
My body the
sacrificial lamb
upon the altar
of your intensity…
Your fiery passion
Envelops me
and devours my flesh.
The heat from your
tongue burns a path
from my neck to
the core of me
Hips open automatically
as lips seep seductively
for your lips
To overpower me…
Come, devour me…
Take me forcefully
I resist, wanting you
to fight me – break the
pretense of my rebellion
As we wrestle like lions,
each trying to pin the other down,
let me see if you are worthy
To wear the crown – the one
Who conquered me,
tamed the lioness intimately
and made her heel to your every whim
as your tongue skims
over my sweet entrance.
Your body entrances me;
you put a spell all over me
when we touch, and
I can’t feel my legs.
You have overtaken me
with only one sensation
the penetration of your tongue
Inside of me.
And I melt
around your ministrations.
The penetration of your eager
fingers, then tongue,
Lingers intensely
And I long for your hardened shaft
Inside me
So I whimper softly,
Begging with batting eyelids
and writhing hips
I feel you smile as you slip
Within these walls
And I start to make wild cat calls
As you continue to
Take me, and we
Come, my lover….
Please –

Devour me…

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