Sunday, 30 March 2014


Eroticism is not jut sexual – it is FULLY engaging the senses.  That means, even fully appreciating a heaping breakfast that is decorated well and smells heavenly, and actually engaging it and appreciating it while eating it is erotic.  So… there we have it. An expanded view on eroticism.  Now. Close your books.  The lesson is over for today.  Please fully engage all your senses and enjoy the following piece of poetry – erotically….

I decided to declare my freedom
And so …
I decided to let my hair grow
I decided that my growing locs
Would symbolize the shattering
Of the box
That had fit my psyche so

I decided to be ME
I decided to take the journey to
Discover new lands
Expand my horizons
See if I could view the
Stars of Orion’s constellation
From my new elevated position

I decided to be free
I decided to emancipate myself from
The hated position of subservient
The oppressed one
The one afraid to fully look up
For fear of being downtrodden

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